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Total Holiday Options Lanka has a panel of selected Chauffer Guide & National Guide in all the tourist destinations who has been with us for years and understand the requirements and standard of Total Holiday Options Lanka.  Having a local knowledge helps our guest to Sri Lanka experience the contrasting country in an essentially new way. The Chauffer Guides are professionally well-versed individuals with a tourist destination. Proficient in foreign languages, they are courteous, polite and knowledgeable professionals assisting a traveller in exploring the country.

Chauffer Guide is a mediator between tourists and destination. With their expertise, they enhance the experience of sightseeing, by taking tourists to the exclusive sights and enlighten them with the knowledge. They narrate the stories, legends and other exciting trivia of the site to the tourists. In short, they lend a life to the heritage structure or a monument.  Guest never feels like a Stranger to Sri Lanka in the company of a Chauffer Guide or National Guide.

Total Holiday Options Lanka with the excellent support of Chauffeur Guides nationwide offers the best accompaniment suiting tourist’s language and interests.

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